The mytem360 TEM platform empowers you to manage your Digital Workspace hardware and monitor your CSR key performance indicators.

Safeguarding our planet is a universal goal.  We all have plenty of opportunities to contribute to this goal in both our personal and professional daily lives. In the workplace, our actions can be measured through the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) lens.

As a signer of the Planet Tech’Care charter, Saaswedo is committed to providing our clients with tools that allow them to monitor and reduce the carbon footprint of their deployed digital technologies.

mytem360 manages our clients’ IT equipment. IT equipment and devices are large consumers of carbon, but there are levers that can reduce their impact.  The four most effective are:

  • Selection of equipment based on its carbon consumption, in terms of its manufacturing and day-to-day usage
  • Consideration of the hardware’s origins: new or refurbished
  • Shelf life of company equipment

End of life of equipment (disposal, destruction, resale or refurbishment)

With its centralized data, mytem360 allows businesses to measure their carbon footprint, to set objectives, and to monitor the day-to-day impact of their IT equipment management decisions.

As of September 2021, mytem360 will offer powerful CSR Reporting designed to:

Monitor and control the business’ sustainable performance

Track various CSR objectives

Monitor carbon impact data with configurable and detailed dashboards by device or business-wide

Customize and configure the carbon footprint for each device

Share best practices and facilitate third-party audits

Allow targeted communication (regulatory or not)

Manage short- and long-range CSR objectives

The success of your CSR activities and reporting depends on the implementation of a software solution that is simple and effective

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