Knowing the status of assets in your fleet is imperative in today’s business environment

The recent public health crisis has precipitated a transformation in employees’ usage of their Digital Workspace (operator subscriptions and options, tablet, laptop, Office 365, screen, printer, software subscriptions, anti-virus software, MDM, etc.), with many companies seeing virtually all of their workforce move outside the office.

For two reasons, it is critical for a business to effectively monitor its Digital Workspace assets. First, one employee’s mobile assets can be worth the equivalent of several years of an operator subscription.  Second, smart phones enable remote access to all of a company’s data.

To overcome this challenge, businesses need a tool capable of providing an accurate picture of not only all users and their equipment (terminals and accessories), but also of the lines, subscriptions, options and licenses linked to these lines.

mytem360 allows you to perform the following common fleet management tasks :

Modify an asset

Suspend or cancel a line

Make an after-sales service request

Change a SIM card

Add an accessory or an option

Manage company inventory

Reclaim assets when an employee leaves the company

Swap assets between two employees

Manage BYOD


Centralization of Digital Workspace management supports efficiency and increased productivity

With automation and powered by numerous APIs, mytem360 improves responsiveness vis-à-vis moves and changes.  The moves and changes are completed quickly, centralized and recorded for greater security and administrative efficiency. Managers have access to up-to-date fleet data, and users get the benefit of faster response time and better customer service.

Mytem360 graphical interfaces enable mapping and management of an employee’s assets.

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