The telephone is one of the primary contact points
with customers and vendors

Initial contact is often established by phone; the quality of this initial exchange is paramount to a company’s image.

The quality of telephone service is often very subjective: “I couldn’t reach you”, “I had to wait more than 5 minutes until someone answered”, “I spoke to 3 different people before I found the right one” — so often, complaints can make it difficult to evaluate call quality accurately.

We have all had at least one particularly frustrating customer service experience that wasted our time and tried our patience, leaving a terrible impression of the company we called.

If it was a business transaction, suffice it to say that the customer would surely seek out another vendor.

To improve your service, our solutions provide objective
and reliable data reporting regarding :

The number of calls received

The number of dropped calls

The time slots when calls are dropped

Which telephone lines drop the most calls

Advanced usage analytics

This reporting provides customer service managers the information they need to take corrective steps depending on the situation — adding staff, modifying time slots, implementing different technical solutions, etc.

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