By implementing APIs, Saaswedo is making mytem360 one of the most open Digital Workspace solutions on the market.

To enable our clients to manage their IT and telecom operations as simply as possible and using embedded logic, Saaswedo is integrating public and open source APIs in mytem360 that allow our platform to easily interface with different complementary platforms: telecom operators, management/ITSM and other third-party solutions. By centralizing all of the technical and detailed contractual specifications of the IT hardware and users, mytem360 creates the Digital Workspace CMDB, allowing external systems to seamlessly communicate all equipment orders, track shipping, monitor account updates, and report key financial details, etc.

This offering presents key benefits for the user:

  • Prevent duplicate entries and resulting errors,
  • Drastically reduce time spent on transaction processing,
  • Display in real time the status of orders or after-sales service,
  • Provide an up-to-date view of all equipment and related expenses,

In a nutshell, improve your productivity and user satisfaction while expediting processes and improving information flows.

An initial version of APIs allows you to:

Check the API’s availability

View the user’s scope

View the order list

View the details of a sub-order

Update the items in a sub-order

Update the status of a sub-order

Update an order tracking number (tracking link)

Update an employee file

Update an equipment file

Update a SIM card file

Update a line file

This endpoints library will be expanded incrementally as APIs are developed.

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