Operational management of IT assets

Order and asset management

The Digital Workplace calls on many suppliers: distributors, integrators, operators, each with its own specific portals and procurement processes.

Managing order processes is often a complex and time-consuming task for companies. Managers often must log on to different portals and enter the same information several times. Repetitive, tedious tasks that generate the risk of errors.

Our unique portal enables you to manage your orders from a personalized catalog, as well as the entire life cycle of your assets. You’ll benefit from a global and precise view of your inventory:
Customized catalogs and price lists
Single or multi-distributor order tracking 
Specific validation processes 
Order history management 
Delivery tracking 
Allocation of equipment
Management of stocks, loans, declarations and follow-up of SAV
Request history
Detailed equipment, line and employee files 

  • Centralization of user requests 
  • Compliance with your IT policy 
  • Streamlining of the supply chain 
  • Improved processing times 
  • User satisfaction
it asset management : uem solution

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) expertise and operations 

Your mobile inventory needs to be secure to minimize the risks associated with terminal security. Using a structured, step-by-step approach, our consultants support you in setting up customized EMU solutions sourcing, implementation, training, and roll-out. 

This implementation includes enrolment and management of mobile terminals from a single console, for OS Windows 10, macOS and Android. It also responds to the different ways in which mobile terminals are used in the enterprise: business, personal and mixed terminals. Security of access and business data (applications and content) is then centralized in a single point.

The protection against attacks (viruses, phishing, unsecured Wi-Fi networks, fraudulent websites, etc.) is also an integral part of a mobility project.  

We are certified to the highest level by the manufacturers and publishers of the solutions we offer. Our services depend on your functional requirements, your inventory of mobile terminals, the different operating systems in your inventory and your infrastructure. 


  • Audit, recommendations, project management
  • Market study, state of the art 
  • Study of specific subjects:
    Application security
    Connector integration (AD, internal resources, WIFI, PKI, API REST-compatible solutions, …) 
    Implementation of a mass enrollment program (Apple Business Manager, Google Zero Touch, Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment)
    Support for the mobility strategy to be implemented 


  • Proof Of Concept
  • Enrolment program commissioning 
  • End-to-end implementation of UEM solutions (includes skills transfer and associated deliverables) 
  • Configuration according to specific business needs: 
    Rugged tablets 
    Kiosk / Private store


  • Maintaining operational readiness 
  • Expertise and support 
  • Delegation of resources 
  • Supply of licenses

Our one-stop, centralized service guarantees you real independence from the market’s solution providers. 

  • Benefit from expert advice 
  • Alleviate deployment tasks 
  • To have an assistance to the exploitation 
  • Secure the operation of the terminals

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