Financial performance

The digitalization of companies and organizations is leading to a growing number of digital equipment and their uses. In France, the cost of telecoms (operator expenses for fixed and mobile voice and data) in a company is on average €900 excluding VAT per user and per year. For an SME, the annual budget is between €150,000 and €250,000, and for an ETI it can reach €4 million according to the French telecom federation. It often represents the 2nd largest expense item for companies. It is therefore important to effectively manage this expense item to increase financial performance).

Invoice verification

Vendor invoices are not easy to understand and therefore generally not controlled very well. Site changes and staff turnover, for certain industries (retail, banking, insurance, etc.), can be spread over a large number of sites which often generates a large number of invoices.

Checking your invoices will ensure that:

  • The subscriptions and services invoiced correspond to the active inventory at the time of invoicing
  • The costs invoiced correspond to the contractual rates

This is the first step in processing invoices to issue a payment voucher to the accounting department. When a company implements an invoice control and the measures that accompany it, it can see a decrease in expenses of between 10 and 30% in the first few months.

Saaswedo allows you to industrialize the control of supplier invoices and to process the resolution of discrepancies.

contrôle des factures digital workplace
ventilation budgétaire digital workplace

Budget breakdown

Once the amounts have been invoiced and validated, finance departments must manage costs by entity and therefore need to be able to break down supplier expenses in relation to their organization.

Since most costs are shared, as is the case for fixed telephony and data, and occasionally for mobile fleets, it is important to be able to allocate the expenses incurred with operators, by department, company, entity, BU, and so on. Similarly, telecom budgets are often allocated by organizational level and when this is the case, it is important to monitor the evolution of expenses against the budget to prevent any risk of budgetary slippage.

Saaswedo solutions allow you to break down costs and manage budgets based on the organization of the company.

digital workplace cost optimization

Usage optimization

Vendor offerings are constantly changing as technology evolves. The needs of employees change rapidly, and it is necessary to ensure a good match between the uses and the offers.

It has become essential to monitor the evolution of usage to ensure that the offers made available to employees correspond to their usage. Are the packages and links correctly sized? Are there lines that are not used? Wouldn’t new offers be better suited to the needs of certain employees? And so on. The right answers to all these questions can significantly reduce the company’s expenses.

Saaswedo provides the means to answer these questions in an automated way to ensure fair usage of supplier offers.

digital workplace cost optimization

analyse usages flotte mobile

Optimization of expenses

The complete follow-up of the billing cycles allows to have an overall vision but especially to optimize its expenses by controlling the uses, selecting the most appropriate offers, mutualizing links, adopting the good practices, etc.

A good follow-up allows substantial savings of between 30% in the first years and 5 to 8% in the following years. This optimization also involves monitoring the carbon footprint of digital technology, which, in addition to the benefits for the planet, leads to significant mechanical savings.