Audit to optimize your Digital Workplace

The digitization of the workplace

The digitization of the workplace brings greater flexibility and performance, but also generates greater complexity which needs to be controlled. 

Saaswedo meets the needs of CIOs to reduce support function costs.  

Faced with the complexity of managing numerous technical telecom contracts – fixed voice, network, mobile voice and data –  Saaswedo has developed Diagflash, an audit approach aimed at helping CIOs rapidly control all their costs. 

The scope of the study covers fixed voice, network, voice and mobile data, as well as software licenses and associated services, enabling optimization opportunities to be exhaustively identified. These include technical improvements, contractual and pricing adjustments, and organizational optimizations.  

digital workplace audit

Saaswedo, a strategic partner for CIOs

This approach positions Saaswedo as a strategic partner for CIOs, offering concrete advice to optimize telecoms strategy and provide quick-to-implement cost optimization options IT. 

This approach begins with a scoping phase to validate the scope of the analysis and the objectives to be achieved, and to gather technical, financial, and organizational information from the customer. A team of multi-disciplinary experts then analyzes this technical data in detail to identify and present the various optimization paths that can be taken in the short and medium term. Our experts establish a complete overview of your Digital Workplace management. Quick to implement, this audit enables you to identify weaknesses and possible means of improvement, as well as making value-added decisions on operational, financial and CSR (carbon footprint) axes. Following this audit, Saaswedo will support you in implementing cost savings, and solutions. 

  • Up-to-date asset inventory 
  • Recommendations for service optimization 
  • Roadmap for phasing out obsolete technologies. 
  • Budget strategy to pay for future technology upgrades.  
  • Detection of billing and taxation errors 
  • Process improvement (equipment life cycle and employee arrival/departure) 
  • Cost optimization (internal and external) 
  • Improved user satisfaction 

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