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Saaswedo is a software developer for IT and Telecom asset management, providing innovative and reliable 100% SaaS solutions. For more than 15 years, Saaswedo has delivered offerings that allow business customers to understand, monitor and control their IT and telecom policies, simplify asset management and minimize their costs.  Saaswedo software has been deployed in more than 40 countries for over 10,000 companies, representing more than 3.5 million lines.

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Gilles Mezari

After starting his career in IT research and development at a life insurance company, Gilles established his first digital business in 1988.
He has specialized in telecom since the early 1990s, founding a company that designed services for the largest operators around billing and usage data processing.
The work he has done for nearly 20 years with CIOs and telecom leaders at multinational companies has enabled him to gain global experience and vision of the necessity for companies to better manage their telecom.
In 2007, he founded Saaswedo with Christian COR. Today, Gilles MEZARI is CEO of Saaswedo, based in Paris. He is responsible for operational management and business development. He also handles relations with telecom operators.
Gilles is also a Director of Syntec Numérique and Co-President of Software Developers Group.


Christian Cor

In 1994, Christian founded and led a telecom operator, which was sold to the American company LDI/NETnet in 2000. Drawing on this experience in the complex workings of telecom offers and services for businesses, in 2000 he founded Consotel, a telecom consultancy and telecom billing management software firm. Through consulting projects completed in 60% of CAC 40 companies in 6 years, he gained strong operational experience with the telecom needs of large businesses. Joining forces in 2007 with Gilles MEZARI, he formed the company Saaswedo, a leader in the Technology Expense Management software market. Fully committed to developing enterprise SAAS software solutions for 18 years, Christian is currently CEO of Saaswedo USA, based in Atlanta, from where most of the company’s international clients are managed.


Damien Bretillot

After studying business/management at Université de Paris-Dauphine, Damien started his career in banking.
In 1995, he joined US Rappel, which offers business clients a full range of telecom services (preselection, rerouting, prefix and preselection via an interconnection agreement with France Télécom).
In 2000, he founded Consotel, a telecom software developer. He focused on software design and also managed the company’s finances. Starting in 2011, he took responsibility for TEM-EMM consulting services in Consotel’s Global Services division. In 2015, he worked on bringing together Consotel’s services with Tec-Ker, a company offering technical and cost optimization of enterprise IT infrastructure, during a period of IT and telecom management convergence.
Today, he is in charge of finance administration at Saaswedo.


Franck Hollender

Franck began his career as a software development engineer at Alcatel, where he designed network administration software. Starting at SFR as project lead, he implemented IT solutions for commercialization of mobile offers, pricing and billing. Over 15 years, Franck gained extensive experience in the mobile telecom operator space and in the needs of customers and business clients. In the role of CIO since the start of 2018, Franck directs customer onboarding efforts and company growth strategy, including platform scalability, service quality and new product and service offerings. Franck is also in charge of R&D and research on machine learning and A.I.

VP Sales

Christophe Fornes

After studying math and physics at university, Christophe began his career as Director of customer service for a Minitel interface developer. He then founded 2 companies in the telematics sector before cofounding Memobox in 1994 and growing their SAAS call accounting and Telecom Expense Management solution. When Memobox was acquired by Saaswedo, he became head of sales, focused on growth in France and abroad.
With more than 25 years of experience in the telecom sector, Christophe is also Co-President of the research and innovation committee at Croissance Plus.

VP Customer Service

Frédéric Le Blan

After attending Novancia Business School Paris, Frédéric started his career in customer service with one of the first French Internet providers, Club-Internet. The rapidly changing market allowed him to gain experience in customer relations and Internet/telecom technologies (launch of ADSL, VOIP and IPTV).

He set up the customer success group, charged with handling legal claims and VIP support. Drawing on his experience, he joined Consotel in 2007 as TEM Manager. This experience in turn enabled him to further strengthen his expertise; he became an expert in deployment of IT expense management solutions.
In 2012, he joined Saaswedo as head of customer service.

nkHe is currently Director of Saaswedo production and customer success, with a 10-person team in charge of pre-sales, project management, production, support, training, and sales administration.
With more than 15 years of experience in IT and telecom, he is recognized as an expert in the world of Telecom Expense Management and customer relations.


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