Customer cases

Mobile & Network Order Management

Ensure cost control for a fleet of nearly 8,000 mobile lines and 3,500 data links distributed among several operators and for more than 3,000 sites.

Automatic integration of customer repositories

Automatic integration of customer repositories with the provision of a management interface for orders and the generation of ERP outputs for accounting dematerialization.

Mapping & Streamlining

Reduce costs and simplify the environment while moving from local management to centralized and managed services.

Multi-operator expenditure management

Mapping, analyzing and managing multi-operator telecom expenses for the whole of a territorial cooperation grouping, for fixed and mobile telephony.

Centralization of telecom policy

Management and control of telecom assets and costs.

Industrial management solution

Implementation of an industrial billing data management solution, allowing each client to benefit from a detailed KPI portal and very complete and adaptable reports.


Provision of a multi-vendor CDR collection platform. For more than 3,000 terminals hosted in Brussels and Geneva.

Outsourcing of key actions for the implementation of the new mobile telephony offer

Managing procurement, platform configuration, and logistics to ensure a more efficient implementation, enabling our client to optimize their time and resources.

Mobile telephony optimization

To effectively manage their mobile fleet of 38,000 lines, we have established a dedicated team that handles all requests, from orders to operators, to financial optimization.

Centralization and optimization of mobile telephony management

Managing a telecom fleet consisting of 1800 lines and their equipment, with the implementation of a dedicated in-house resource and a backup. Deploying the mytem360 solution, a billing dashboard, and a fleet management module to simplify the management of the group's lines and devices.

Improving and simplifying mobile fleet management

We implemented a single point of contact to facilitate interactions between the managers and operators. Additionally, we deployed the mytem360 ordering module to optimize mobile telephony management.

Outsourcing mobile fleet management

Managing a mobile telephony fleet of 5000 lines and equipment, with the objectives of cost optimization, entity-based billing, and reducing the number of stakeholders through our single point of contact. We have also introduced an all-inclusive mobile leasing contract to simplify management.