Financial operations management

A growing number of digital devices

The digitalization of businesses and organizations is leading to an ever-increasing number of digital devices and their uses. Globally, telecommunications (operator invoices for fixed and mobile voice and data) spending by SMEs will reach 1.45 trillion dollars in 2023 (Internet Railing). The telecoms sector accounts for 10% of non-production expenditure by SMEs and ETIs (Wharftt).

Our mytem360 platform enables you to control invoices, manage budgets, analyze usage and rationalize contracts. 

analyse des usages, finops et bill pay

FinOps services

The FinOps approach aims to control all IT costs.

We interface our platform with your various IS environments: telecom operators, management and ITSM solutions, third-party solutions from external suppliers, and integrate all your suppliers’ electronic invoices.  

The challenges of a FinOps approach are to understand the services and value delivered to companies by their suppliers and to reconcile the cost centers of the various organizational levels of your structure, with the finest possible granularity. 

This service is aimed at IT professionals, CIOs and their teams, as well as purchasing and controlling departments, who need to analyze and track the costs of their Digital Workplace.

  • Global supplier management 
  • Central repository of assets, invoices and contracts 
  • Controlling your budget 
  • Tracking the evolution of your Digital Workplace 
  • Consolidation of all costs 
  • Breakdown of costs by organization 
  • Service rebilling 
  • Real-time reporting 
  • Optimizing on-demand services 


Bill payment delegation – Bill Pay

Checking telecom invoices is often complex and time-consuming. More often than not, invoices are either paid with minimal control to meet payment deadlines and avoid penalties, or they are completely and finely controlled, at the risk of missing deadlines and incurring late payment penalties. 

To alleviate this difficulty, we’ve delegated invoice control and payment services which aim to provide companies with a simple, efficient and convenient way of checking that invoiced expenses are indeed associated with services delivered by operators, invoiced at the right price and paid on time. 

We have set up a process to consolidate these invoices for recurring expenses to reduce administrative costs, late penalties and billing errors.  Each invoice is examined and registered, then sent to Accounts Payable (supplier accounts?) for approval. Once approved, invoices are paid via a specific bank account funded by the customer. All payments are made by our team and recorded in our software. 

This billing management system is practical, precise and secure. 

  • Import all your telecom billing automatically. 
  • Consultation of invoice details 
  • Automatic variation detection. 
  • Modification of amount due 
  • Validation of invoices through a reliable, secure process 
  • Consultation of transaction history 
  • Possibility of exporting data to your ERP system 
  • Payments on time and without penalties, without jeopardizing the possibility of any claims identified through billing control. 

Usage supervision 

Our solutions enable you to monitor and analyze fixed line usage to optimize it. Our tools enable you to organize your services, propose offers tailored to your users, and optimize your costs, carbon footprint and customer service quality. The Digital Workplace generates a wide range of uses that have an impact on: 

  • Cost optimization 

Through an exhaustive analysis of fixed-line usage, you can offer your employees the best fixed-line package and avoid costs for unused or under-used links. 

  • Supervision of reception quality 

For fixed-line telephony, it’s important to guarantee impeccable reception quality, to preserve your company’s image.  

Our solutions enable you to compile statistics on the processing of incoming calls:  

  • Number of calls received 
  • Number of calls handled 
  • Traffic peaks 
  • Identification of faulty items 
  • Causes of lost calls 
  • etc.  

With this analysis, the quality manager is able to adapt his teams and opening hours to improve performance and reception quality. He can also implement alternative solutions to complete his objectives.  

Avec cette analyse, le responsable qualité est en mesure d’adapter ses équipes et ses horaires d’ouverture afin d’améliorer les performances et la qualité d’accueil. Il peut également mettre en place des solutions alternatives pour compléter ses objectifs.

  • Objective fixed telephony usage analysis 
  • Organization  of telephone reception teams 
  • Follow-up on all business calls  
  • Adapting our offer to customer needs 

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