Equipment Supply

To provide your employees with IT equipment and associated subscriptions

To equip your employees with IT equipment (mobiles, computers, tablets…) and the associated subscriptions, the company must ensure that the devices in question are compatible with the OS in place, capable of interacting with external IS, and compliant with data security standards and this, all while taking into account the quality-price ratio of the said equipment.

We have access to over 500 suppliers to offer you the best negotiated rates on the services and equipment you need.  We select the best new or reconditioned equipment. Depending on your procurement policy, we stock, configure, finance and deploy them to your employees. You’ll be relieved of this time-consuming task.

An adapted mobile policy

Our teams of consultants can help you define and implement a mobile policy for the choice of equipment, adapted to the business profiles and uses of your employees.

They can also assist you in negotiating pricing conditions.

Our outsourcing offers include:
Technology watch based on the state of the art.
Purchasing and supplying terminals according to market trends and stock levels. 
Terminal configuration and delivery to site

Depending on your purchasing strategy, we propose financial leasing and the implementation of a responsible purchasing policy with reconditioned equipment.

  • A single source of supply 
  • Choice of new and reconditioned equipment  
  • Consistent IT policy 
  • Responsive, efficient customer service 
  • Choosing new suppliers outside your current perimeter

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