EPSA takes a stake in Saaswedo and TaaS to help companies meet the challenges of the digital workplace

Presse release: Paris, September 27, 2021 – EPSA, a major player in operational optimization, announces the acquisition of a stake in Saaswedo, a pioneering IT and telecom asset management solutions provider, and in TaaS, a specialist in outsourcing and mobile telecom policy management. This structuring partnership allows EPSA group to accelerate the digitalization of its […]

Saaswedo enriches its offer with an IT environmental performance management

Saaswedo, a provider of IT and telecom management solutions, has added a CSR dimension to its Technology Expense Management platform mytem360. In concrete terms, Saaswedo, a signatory of the Planet Tech’Care Charter, wanted to make a commitment by providing its customers with tools that allow them to measure and improve the carbon footprint of their […]

How data sharing creates value for software vendors

The search for value creation and the opening up of their solutions is a strategic issue for software publishers today. Indeed, in an increasingly connected world, Data is now central and its utilization allows companies to realize significant productivity gains. This data is all the more important for operations that impact the management processes of […]

Saaswedo launches its End User application

Saaswedo, a solution provider specializing in the telecom and IT governance market, continues to innovate with the launch of its End-User application. The End-User solution informs and educates company employees about the costs and uses of fixed and mobile telecommunications and IT services. This solution allows users to access primary cost indicators broken down between […]