Track expenses, control invoices, manage budgets, optimize costs, manage lines and accessories, order assets, and manage the carbon footprint of your equipment.

mytem360, our T.E.M. tool in SaaS mode, is designed and developed for users, with a constant focus on ease of use and functional performance.
The modularity of the services offered in our software allows us to optimize the work of the different professions of the company: Buyer, IT Department, CFO, Management Controller, Fleet Manager.

Home page

A customizable home page with a large choice of graphical indicators, with:

  • Choice of segments (fixed, mobile, network)
  • Choice of observation period
  • Filters on graphic elements
  • Zoom in on each indicator
  • Choice of chart types
  • Synthetic and personalized vision of the telecom situation


A multi-level dashboard and graphical analysis:

  • Breakdown of billing between subscriptions and consumption in the fixed, mobile and IT segments
  • Access to consolidated information and cost details
  • Precise information down to the line detail (CDR)
  • Budgets monitored and controlled in detail
  • Consolidated and detailed view of all costs


Consolidated reports according to your organization and your needs:

  • Wide choice of multi-segment reports: Tops, lines without consumptions, breakdown, inventory, cost evolution, …
  • Reports broken down by operator and customer organizations
  • Frequency, recipients and content can be customized according to your needs
  • Distribution management and report storage container
  • Customized reports tailored to your needs

Invoice control

This functionality is designed to take full advantage of integrated supplier billing data and use it to automate the rate control process.

Checking your invoices will ensure:

  • That the subscriptions and options invoiced correspond to the active fleet at the time of invoicing
  • That the costs invoiced correspond to the contractual rates and that the discounts are applied
  • That there are no benefits outside the framework of the contract

An automatic check of all invoices is carried out as they are received. From then on, disputes can be opened and followed up in the platform.

Manage budgets

mytem360 allows you to define your forecasted budget for an accounting period for an organization (customer or supplier).

You can then view your actual results throughout the year and compare them to the planned or anticipated budget. mytem360 proactively alerts you to any budget overruns or anticipated overruns.

Fleet management

Control your equipment inventory with ease. The inventory management tool is fed by the orders and the CMDB in place in your organization. It allows you to precisely track the assignments to users and sites and thus fully optimize the use of the company’s equipment.

  • Manage the assignment of your equipment
  • Manage inventory, loans, reporting and after-sales follow-up
  • Track application history
  • Access detailed information on equipment, lines and employees
  • Monitor supplier SLA’s

Order management

The control module that adapts to the particularities of your company’s processes:

  • Implementation of your “IT policy
  • Single or multi-vendor order tracking
  • Customized catalogs and rates
  • Validation workflow
  • Order history management
  • Follow-up of deliveries
  • Integration into your company’s processes
  • Simplification of management acts

mytemconnect app

The mytemconnect application relieves the central company functions of the preparation of orders for the employees.  Employees order strictly according to company policy and are informed about the order process. They can also access details of the costs of using their equipment.

  • A home page that details the equipment attached to the employee.
  • An order section that allows you to make a request for validation.
  • A history of orders and the stages of orders in progress.
  • A usage area that shows the costs and their evolution.
  • A dynamic dashboard that allows you to analyze costs by segment and access details of different billing product groups.
  • A detailed file that centralizes all their information.

Carbon footprint management

This feature of mytem360, automatically calculates the carbon score of each equipment in the inventory. Thanks to databases giving the carbon footprint by equipment model and calculation models from our research, it is possible to follow the progress trajectory of the company’s digital carbon emissions and to see the effects produced by the improvement of the various impact factors implemented.

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