Outsourcing and Service

Managing the growing workload of support requests

How can organizations cope with the growing burden of support requests relating to Digital Workplace management?  

High user demand can put a strain on internal resources, which are not always sufficient to cope with large numbers of requests. This leads to longer waiting times, increased user frustration and employee burnout. 

By outsourcing and automating helpdesk requirements, organizations can streamline their operations while increasing their quality of service and user satisfaction. 

Our service desk currently manages over 1,000,000 devices worldwide.

mobile inventory management

Mobile asset outsourcing 

A specialized team is at your disposal to manage all or part of your mobile assets. Thanks to a specialized, proprietary platform, our professionals supply with new or reconditioned equipment, configure according to your needs, finance, provide after-sales service, manage the entire lifecycle, control associated costs and provide permanent user support.

A single portal solution

As a one-stop shop, shared or dedicated, our teams take care of the day-to-day management of your inventory of smartphones, tablets and laptops:

  • Tracking telecom expenses, usage and licenses
  • Mobile asset and order management
  • Inventory management (directory, analytical breakdown, professional organization, etc.)
  • Free yourself from a non-essential task 
  • Organize and control a major cost center 
  • Optimize your costs 
  • Improve user service quality 
  • Benefit from expert advice and best practices 
  • Reduce your troubleshooting and helpdesk costs 
  • Take advantage of back-office support to place your orders and track their progress
  • A single point of contact for customers / operators / manufacturers / integrators

Delegation of resources

If required, our teams select the profiles best suited to your project and working environment, to help you deploy and operate a Digital Workplace solution.

The people we look for are chosen based on a range of criteria, including soft skills, to guarantee the best possible adaptation to the tasks you wish to entrust to them. For shorter or longer periods, it’s a guarantee of efficiency for you.

Because proximity to your teams is often necessary, we can delegate our professionals to your company. Our experts check certifications and validate the skill level of the selected profiles. 

  • Temporarily reinforce your teams 
  •  Experts in a specific field 
  • Accelerate your projects 
  • Ensure excellent quality

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