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About ETMA

The Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA) is a non-profit organization who provides resources and industry expertise in the technology sector.  

The association currently regroups 53 members, who all are SMEs active in various industries in the technology sector.

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The industries covered by ETMA

✓ IoT
✓ AI
✓ UcaaS
✓ Cloud expense management
✓ Bill pay
✓ IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

ETMA’s goals

ETMA is sustained by membership dues contributed by companies within the association and was established by Solutions Providers for Solutions Providers.

The non-profit aims to share its resources, as well as its knowledge regarding the industries, to enhance the caliber of enterprise technology solutions while decreasing the length of organizations’ procurement processes.

Member benefits

Members benefit from an ETMA Marketplace, enabling them to search for offers for products and services – or post their own and research technology expertise.

The 12 topics present in ETMA’s market

✓ Bill Readers
✓ International
✓ Mobility
✓ Carrier services
✓ Procurement/sourcing
✓ AP Automation
✓ IT/Cloud/XP Management
✓ Utility XP Management
✓ Integration
✓Supply chain optimisation
✓ Other

While the marketplace connects buyers and sellers, it is not involved in the business transaction, which must be concluded privately between the two parties. Besides potential buyers and sellers, ETMA also connects job seekers with companies through a Job Board, whose role is that of providing industry-specific matches. Potential hires may access a wide arrange of job listings, which can be filtered by category of expertise and position level.  

Through ETMA’s online marketplace, as well as its events, members can form partnerships and network with a wide pool of businesses, thus expanding their sales channels and facilitating their growth. Additionally, the association holds various conferences which offer a unique opportunity to engage with industry experts and make valuable connections.  

During said events, ETMA also advocates for the various industries in the technology sector among enterprises, carriers, and analysts.


ETMA’s CSR commitments 

The non-profit association also promotes ethical business through its Ethics Code, which sets the CSR standards that members must adhere to. The principles in question encompass various facets of ethical behavior, including a commitment to accuracy and truth in advertising, marketing, and communication, emphasizing verifiable statements and the avoidance of deceptive claims. 

In case of conflicts of interest…

Members commit to revealing any potential conflicts of interest to clients, refraining from offering payments or gifts to clients for their business, and treating competitors equitably and respectfully.

The importance of proper conduct

Moreover, the Code stresses the significance of professionalism in interactions with clients, both current and former, fellow members, and the public at large. It explicitly prohibits sexual harassment, bullying, and racism within the organization, underscoring a policy of zero tolerance for such behaviors.  

Privacy policy

Additionally, the Code highlights the protection of client confidentiality, the establishment of clear definitions and contracts before client engagements, and the transparent communication of fee structures and associated costs.  

By embracing and adhering to these principles, ETMA members play a crucial role in cultivating a culture of integrity, transparency, and professionalism within the TEM industry. 

How to proceed if a violation of the Code of Ethics has occurred?

If a member has uncovered evidence suggesting a a violation of the Ethics Code by another member, it becomes their responsibility to submit this information to the Ethics Committee for a thorough review. 

This committee is also tasked with the evaluation of potential violations of the Ethics Code. Persistent breaches of the Ethics Code by a member company may lead to the expulsion of that company from ETMA and the forfeiture of its membership.  

Expanding the ethical scope of ETMA

ETMA is currently positioned as the recognized ethical benchmark and authoritative body for the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) sector.  The non-profit aims to leverage its industry’s standing to broaden the reach of its ethics code, making it applicable not only to its members but also to non-members and all stakeholders in the industry. 

ETMA Awards

Besides connecting sellers with buyers, job seekers and hiring companies, as well as setting CSR standards for all its members, the non-profit association has also created industry awards, which aim to elevate industry standards and promote solutions.  The awards align with ETMA’s mission of promoting technology management’s value, enhancing the category image to drive service quality and innovation. The various award categories ETMA presents are:  

  • Partnership Achievement: Recognizes firms and partners or their outstanding results. 
  • Innovation of the Year: Highlights groundbreaking solutions to clients’ challenges. 
  • Mike O’Neill giving back: Honors individuals – both ETMA members and non-members  – who contribute to their communities. 

Award winners are chosen by ETMA members, ensuring an objective evaluation by industry experts. This approach avoids favoritism, guaranteeing that recipients have objectively demonstrated excellence. In a technology-driven workplace transformation, businesses’ offerings play a pivotal role in its management: These awards form part of a comprehensive initiative to incentivize the entire technology sector – notably the TEM sector – to provide service of the highest quality while following ethical standards, regardless of ETMA membership.

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