For most companies, IT and telecom are third on their list of top expenditures

Though the cost of voice communications has significantly decreased, the overall budget of the Digital Workspace continues to increase due to the proliferation of communication channels available to employees and of increased data consumption.

To overcome this challenge, companies must understand their expenses and control their telecom budgets.  This is a complicated task, due to the significant number of vendors and the complexity of billing.

mytem360 enables you to manage your expenses,
even with a large number of vendors

Integration and review of electronic vendor invoices

Identification of errors

Ability to zero in on problematic processes

Allocation of expenses in keeping with actual usage

Analytical breakdown

Drill down on all data

Savings in time and money

With mytem360, the CIO has control of the budget and can anticipate changes, modify contracts, and at the end of the day, realize significant savings, both in contract management and processing of multiple invoices.

The financial module of mytem360 provides data essential to the regular auditing and optimization that any company should undertake.

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