Telecom assets represent a complex challenge vis-à-vis order management

The Digital Workspace comprises the employee’s complete mobile environment (smart phone, operator subscription/option, tablet, laptop, Office 365, screen, printer, software subscriptions, anti-virus software, MDM, etc.). This whole package is typically provided by multiple vendors. Managing different orders for all of these items for each employee is a time-consuming, complex business challenge.

The order module allows you to centralize and manage all of these orders at once for each vendor (order status, logistics OR shipping, etc.), translating to significant enterprise-scale time savings.

This module can be directly powered by APIs through the company’s existing ERP or ITSM.

The mytem360 order module powers fleet management that provides visuals and a complete history of users, devices, licenses, subscriptions and their usage.

mytem360 integrates order management that takes into account the device policy adopted by the business by offering :

A catalog that is customized per the company’s current policy

Centralized order management through a user-friendly end-user portal

History of all end-user requests

Setup and configuration of order profiles (terminal + subscription + accessories and options)

Order management optimized for the enterprise

mytem360 allows your company to set up customized catalogs. Your business can establish a telecom policy that is responsive to users’ needs. With a platform that manages the entire workflow, from receipt of the order to inspection of the delivery, our customers get the benefit of robust asset management while also optimizing the order processing time, resulting in improved user satisfaction.

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