Saaswedo and its sister companies awarded LUCIE label

Saaswedo and its sister companies awarded LUCIE label

After several years of commitment to CSR and following an audit by Bureau Veritas, the group composed of Saaswedo, Taas and Mobility Plus obtained the LUCIE label on July 7, 2022 for a period of three years.

This label is a reference in terms of CSR in France, aligned with the international standard of social responsibility (CSR), ISO 26000, and demonstrates the commitment of these three companies in a real approach of respect for all its stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, partners …

To obtain the label, an external audit was carried out on site by Bureau Veritas according to a reference framework aligned with the international standard ISO 26000 around 7 central themes:

Responsible governance and transparency,

Respect for individuals

Quality of life at work

Protection of the environment

Ethical protection of practices

Responsible products and services

Commitment to the public interest

An independent labeling committee composed of CSR experts then awarded the label after examining the evaluator’s report and the commitments made by Saaswedo, Taas and Mobility Plus to progress over the next 3 years in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

By obtaining the LUCIE label, these companies show that they carry out their activities with a high level of responsibility.

“It is not easy to distinguish between those who only talk about CSR and those who have a real and serious commitment. It is now possible with LUCIE!” – Alan FUSTEC, President of the LUCIE Label.

Gilles MEZARI General Manager of Saaswedo – “CSR is undoubtedly a strategic and unifying corporate project that allows us to build sustainable and responsible growth. Our certification is a real reward for our teams who have been able to develop our governance by integrating the CSR component. To obtain this label, we have set up a project team that will continue to monitor compliance with our commitments in the years to come. The first two projects we are implementing concern the Environment and Human Capital with the implementation of actions to reduce our carbon footprint and our relations with professional reinsertion associations. We have also set up a purchasing function that will enable us to professionalize our relations with our partners and suppliers. Translated with (free version)

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