The danger of “Phreaking” attacks

Companies of all sizes regularly have to deal with “phreaking” attacks — when ill-intentioned people hack into your telephone installation to modify certain settings and then reroute calls to exotic and expensive destinations, at your expense.

Depending on the size of your installation and the length of time they reroute your calls without getting caught, the cost incurred for these calls can be anywhere from a few thousand euros to more than one hundred million euros.

Though it’s difficult to defend oneself completely from this type of attack, CIOs can take significant protective steps by establishing simple management rules and using analytics tools.

Real-time monitoring for improved alerts

With real-time analysis of your installation’s outgoing calls, our call accounting tools offer monitoring and alert solutions.  As soon as an attack begins, these tools are capable of detecting an abnormally large number of calls or of unusual destinations called.

When predefined thresholds are crossed, the tools alert one or more people who can restrict or cut off communications in real time, thus limiting monetary losses from this type of attack.

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