Effective management of telecom assets has become critical for businesses

The major challenge with the Digital Workspace is understanding what billing records include and how to manage assets (licenses, devices, subscriptions) centrally.

Essentially, it’s about knowing how to manage a fleet of devices and their usage through Technology Expense Management (TEM).

When you realize that a vendor invoice can comprise thousands of lines itemizing rates, options, usage by the minute, by Kb, by move/change… the necessity for software solutions becomes clear.

We offer you the opportunity to integrate into your offerings a rapid to deploy and easy to manage TEM solution that your clients need

A best of breed Digital Workspace Management solution

A SaaS software solution

Proven fast and secure deployment capability for all types of clients.

White label deployment as needed

Integrating mytem360 will add value to your offering and provide you significant market advantage

Our solution enables you to quickly and reliably access all of the data you need to manage your clients’ resources.

With mytem360, you can develop high value-added service offerings for your customers.

Integration with third-party systems

Asset/inventory management

Order intake management

Steering committee


Catalog updates


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