We are very happy and proud to join as ambassador the movement “Pour un numérique engagé”

We are very happy and proud to join as ambassador the movement “Pour un numérique engagé”

What are the CSR commitments of Saaswedo around Responsible Digital?

Saaswedo has begun a process of Lucie26000 and RFAR20400 certification which should be completed in June 2022. Our business as an outsourcer brings us closer to our customers in the management of their mobile workstations. We are committed to doing our utmost to reduce the carbon footprint of their digital equipment. Thus, we take care of the life cycle of this equipment in order to extend it as close as possible to the objectives of our customers and to give the equipment an end of life either by reconditioning it or by recycling it in an eco-responsible way.

In concrete terms, how can Saaswedo bring the Digital Commitment movement to other companies?

Our clients are generally large companies/organizations, ETIs or large SMEs. As we manage their Digital Workplace equipment fleet, we are at the forefront of offering them the “Digital Commitment” platform when the equipment leaves their fleet.

What does it mean to you to become an Ambassador of the Digital Commitment movement?

Being an ambassador for this movement is a perfect continuation of our overall CSR commitment. Our commitment is also to spread good practices and good actions in our ecosystem, customers/suppliers/partners. This action goes hand in hand with others, such as professional integration via digital technology, for example. We are very happy and proud of this role of Ambassador.

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