We can help you quickly develop new revenue-generating high value-added service offerings that your clients need

Today, under the strain of the competitive and technological environment, the average revenue per subscriber is no longer increasing. Meanwhile, your clients demand better readability and transparency in the services that you offer. Managing and sharing mobility data has become a critical business challenge.

With mytem360, we give you the opportunity to quickly turn this into a new service and revenue stream with your clients.

We’ve developed a best of breed Digital Workspace management solution, and we’re making it available as a white label product

Our solution enables you to aggregate, process and transmit from a single system high-value consumption, billing or inventory data for your clients. It is also a customized ordering portal

You offer better readability and transparency for the services you provide, and help your clients manage their Digital Workspace more effectively

Your clients gain better understanding of usage and how to manage it more effectively. Contracts are clearer and accurate cost analyses are facilitated through internal invoice distribution. As a bonus, your clients get comprehensive real-time tracking of their equipment fleet

We provide you an end-to-end software solution with all of the technological and economic advantages of SaaS

It’s an effective business model — the solution is billed to the operator and free for all of your clients. We offer a premium paid option with advanced features, and fair and transparent revenue sharing.

Full integration including interface with your tools and systems (data exchange protocol/feed), and white label functionality (White Label/SSO). We guarantee fast time to market.

Our solutions integrate APIs for purchase order and change management. Our software programs are linked with third-party systems :  EMM, ERP, ITSM, etc.

Customer retention is ensured through our enhanced user experience offerings. You can ensure dynamic, cutting-edge service.

These programs allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain greater market share: you can create a new revenue stream and increase your ARPU.

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