No successful digital workplace management project without associated services

No successful digital workplace management project without associated services

Digital transformation projects are undoubtedly strategic for many companies. However, in order to fulfill its promises and enable professionals to achieve real operational benefits, a digital workplace management project must be implemented and cannot be limited to the pure and simple use of a software solution. Indeed, good project management is a complex subject that must be integrated into a global and long-term approach. It is precisely in this context that the consulting and associated services dimension is fundamental.

A project that requires framing

An initial study phase must necessarily be carried out before launching the project and even choosing the solution to be implemented. Indeed, it is first necessary to define the objectives, map the organization precisely, define the IT policy and analyze the essential subject of data collection and updating. It is also necessary to study how to interface with the various existing information systems, whether they are specific to the client (HRIS, ERP, ITSM, etc.) or to its supplier environment (order and management portals, etc.). Good data collection and integration are the key to usable and robust repositories. This is the essential prerequisite for integrating and analyzing all the data, taking into account the different repositories such as organization, invoicing, user profiles, equipment catalogs, etc. Finally, the company will be able to take the right direction and launch its project in the best conditions.

Optimize the solution during the operation phase

Once the technical solution has been deployed, constant vigilance is required with regard to the completeness and integrity of the data collected, as well as its restitution. It is also important to ensure that all of the repositories used are properly updated. Indeed, the latter are constantly evolving: modification of supplier contracts, new organization within the company, arrival and departure of employees, evolution of equipment, etc. The company must also be able to count on a real duty of permanent advice and alert: abuse of use, under-use of resources, recommendations of possible improvements, etc. All of this makes it possible to optimize the operational conditions of a digital workplace management solution to the maximum.

Offer specific services to companies

To offer an effective solution, it is of course necessary to take into account the elements and objectives specific to each company: the need for specific reports, the creation of an ERP flow, the integration of IoT parks and many others… This level of expertise requires a real business knowledge to propose customized offers.

The service dimension is therefore present at all stages of a digital workplace management project. It is essential to its success, which must bring tangible improvements in three areas: operational management, cost of acquisition and use, and also CSR impact by measuring the carbon footprint of equipment and its use.

Frédéric Le Blan VP Customer Service Saaswedo

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