Precision in Telecom Auditing & Optimized Vendor Management​

Navigating through a complex telecom environment, CBI elucidates and revolutionizes telecom expense management for a global automotive manufacturer, mitigating fiscal intricacies and enabling considerable savings.


A prominent tier-one automotive manufacturer, headquartered in Detroit, MI, is renowned for its comprehensive solutions in design, engineering, manufacturing, and assembly of varied automotive components. It boasts a substantial global presence with 18 locations in 8 countries, navigating through the domains of providing quality automotive components and maintaining a potent customer base split between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers, each comprising 50%.


After a series of mergers and acquisitions amid the difficulties of the automotive industry, the manufacturer found itself embroiled in a complex web of supplier invoices and faced with the need to conduct a thorough audit across all of its operations to provide clarity and eliminate tax inconsistencies.


CBI, spearheading a thorough audit of all service locations, identified several circuits and lines that had get laid off, alongside detecting a significant vendor contract error, which culminated in a substantial credit of $261,000. Furthermore, CBI imparted strategic counsel, aiding the client in refining and further optimizing the telecom services in place.​
Specifically, CBI audited all vendor invoices, categorizing each billing service by type, and has, to date, verified over $650,000 in savings. CBI persists in auditing invoices monthly, unearthing additional savings and showcasing a remarkable 42% overall reduction in the manufacturer’s annual telecom expenditure.


CBI’s rigorous auditing and ongoing vendor management have seamlessly simplified the automotive manufacturer’s telecom environment, alleviating previously associated challenges and pains. The strategic vendor management, trouble resolution, and continuous monthly audits executed by CBI ensure the manufacturer stays informed and confident regarding their telecom expenditure and savings.


CBI stands as a beacon of proficiency and reliability in telecom auditing and vendor management, providing not merely a service but a partnership that ensures the automotive manufacturer’s telecom spending is not only transparent but also judiciously optimized.


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