Optimizing Mobile & Network Expenditure: Strategic Order Management Solutions

Streamlined expense management and robust inventory tracking for over 90 million customers, with operations spanning over 60 countries, utilizing the mytem360 solution.


Fortune 500 Company, one of the largest global providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs, boasts over 90 million customers and operates in more than 60 countries, holding leading market positions across various regions, including the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


Fortune 500 Company, unsatisfied with their existing TEM Provider due to ineffective spend management and a non-user-friendly platform, sought to enhance cost savings, develop a more robust inventory, maintain a reliable record of invoice payments, and provide their business managers the ability to self-service through deeper visibility. After generating a detailed RFP and engaging the top four TEM providers, CBI Telecommunications Consultants were selected to implement the mytem360 solution.


After conducting a detailed wireless audit and optimization, CBI began processing Fortune 500 Company’s invoices for meticulous review, approval, and payment. A comprehensive deployment of the mytem360 solution, replacing the previously utilized telecom expensive management solution, was initiated to manage 58 vendors and 1,063 active wireline and wireless accounts as of Q1 2018. mytem360 oversaw the entirety of wireline/fixed and wireless monthly bill reviews, invoice approvals, audits, and cost allocation, and maintained an accurate inventory of telecom assets while providing insightful line of business reporting. Mobility and fixed cost reductions were achieved through in-depth invoice audits, optimization recommendations, and diligent MACD order and support.


Embracing CBI’s managed service solution and leveraging the mytem360 platform, Fortune 500 Company acknowledged a seamless integration, recognizing CBI’s experienced consultants as an extension of their team. This enabled them to manage their telecom spend effectively and benefit from a user-friendly platform that offered an enhanced end-user portal. The successful implementation brought forth a 33% cost reduction in wireless expenses and a 12.5% cost reduction in wireline expenses. Moreover, mytem360 verified a one-time cost avoidance exceeding $1 Million and, coupled with the annualized cost avoidance, realized a striking 25% cost reduction in the initial year.


Enhanced outcomes for Fortune 500 Company involved:

  • Consistent annual savings across their Global Technology Estate
  • An elevated user experience
  • Delivery of superior quality information and enhanced reporting
  • Facilitation of greater innovation in expense management and reporting

An additional merit of collaborating with CBI Telecommunications was leveraging CBI’s recognition as a woman-owned business (WBENC), aiding Fortune 500 Company in accomplishing additional diversity goals.


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