Saaswedo confirms its virtuous approach by obtaining the prestigious RFAR label

Saaswedo confirms its virtuous approach by obtaining the prestigious RFAR label

Saaswedo, a company specialized in sustainable performance management of the Digital Workplace, confirms its CSR orientations by joining the circle of 74 RFAR* certified companies.

The Responsible Supplier Relations Charter (based on the ISO 20400 standard) was created to raise awareness among economic players of the challenges inherent in responsible purchasing and the quality of customer-supplier relations. The National Purchasing Council and the Mediator of Companies make it a point of honour to improve the purchasing practices of companies and public services. This is to support the national economy by favouring partnership approaches, dialogue and the know-how of purchasing professionals.

It is in this context that Saaswedo has set up a virtuous organization to manage its relations with its ecosystem of suppliers in the best possible way (fairness towards the actors, respect of payment deadlines, good purchasing practices, etc.).

Following a self-assessment questionnaire validated by an audit conducted by Bureau Veritas, Saaswedo has been awarded the RFAR label for a period of three years. Saaswedo will continue its efforts to develop its governance in order to build ever more constructive relationships with its suppliers.

Gilles MEZARI, CEO of Saaswedo “Building virtuous 360° relationships with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers is at the heart of our development strategy. In this context, we are investing significant resources to build a governance and operational organization that allows us to meet our objectives. After having obtained different labels such as LUCIE 26000, we are proud to join the RFAR certified companies. Being one of the few SMEs to be certified is a real reward for all of our teams who have worked to enable us to reach this new stage. 

With these elements, Saaswedo demonstrates that it is possible to combine growth with the implementation of virtuous processes that integrate human, environmental and social values. In this sense, Saaswedo has been able to strongly distinguish itself on its market and become one of the companies with the highest number of CSR labels.

*Supplier relations and responsible purchasing.

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