Saaswedo, Taas and Mobility Plus are merging

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Saaswedo, Taas and Mobility Plus are merging

Under the Saaswedo brand, the three companies (Saaswedo, Taas and Mobility Plus) are merging to form the leading global player in the digital workplace management market. With this announcement, Saaswedo is laying the foundations for its new growth plan over the next few years and is building an agile organization that will enable it to position itself as a one-stop shop for the projects entrusted to it by its customers. 

Indeed, Saaswedo is currently one of the only players on the market able to bring together all the expertise required to build, manage and run a Digital Workplace project (especially on the cell phone part). Thus, the customers of the new entity will have access to consulting services, but also to state-of-the-art technologies used by a large number of companies in France and abroad.

A centralized organization to prepare for the future

At the organizational level, each brand will now become a business unit (consulting, software, integration and outsourcing). This specific organization will help to promote teamwork and simplify the implementation of projects. Customers will thus have access to an integrated and industrial offer.

The merger of the companies also responds to the need to reach a critical size for the group, which is experiencing very strong growth in its activities in the segment of ETIs and large accounts. In this sense, the combination of resources and teams is a real asset and allows the creation of a pure player structure capable of competing with the largest players in the market. 

Laying the foundations for a new growth strategy 

This combination of expertise also marks the start of a new phase of external growth for the new entity, which hopes to proceed in the short term with various acquisitions to increase its market share and regional footprint, particularly in the United States, a target market for the French group. 

Finally, this organization will be able to initiate a new recruitment campaign to integrate new talents and exceed 10 million euros in revenues in the short term. As for the teams, all the managers and employees of the three companies will be retained.

Christian COR, Saaswedo: “We are proud to announce this structuring operation which positions Saaswedo on a new scale and allows us to launch our new development plan for the coming years.

Gilles MEZARI, Taas & Mobility Plus: “We are going to benefit from a proven know-how that will offer promising prospects to the teams of the new entity, to our partners and to our customers. Saaswedo is destined to become the market’s leading player in the efficient management of the digital workplace. Translated with (free version)

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