Unified Endpoint Management (UEM): the most complete security solution? 

unified endpoint management / uem

The issues of decentralized endpoint management  

Using multiple endpoint management tools to manage and secure different devices in different locations is common practice, but it has major drawbacks, such as a manual and repetitive workload for security and IT teams. An increase in the risk of inconsistencies, misconfigurations and errors that can leave end devices and the network vulnerable to attack is also a pain within companies. unified endpoint management  

However, the changes that the Digital Workplace has brought to the daily lives of employees entail a number of risks, including financial slippage and loss of control over usage. To prevent companies from using more resources and funds than they should, they need to optimize spending on their Digital Workplace, or outsource this task.  

A tool that is more comprehensive than MDM and EMM

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is a tool that enables companies to manage and secure their entire IT estate from a single console for Windows 10, macOS and Android.  

Considered the next generation of mobility software, UEM solutions integrate several existing EMM management technologies, including mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), with some of the tools used to secure desktops and laptops. UEM solutions offer an integrated approach to endpoint management, updates and security, encompassing not only mobile devices, but also computers, tablets, connected objects and other devices.  

Unlike MDM, which focuses primarily on mobile device management, and EMM, which also includes mobile application management, UEM broadens the scope by providing a unified platform for managing all types of endpoint from a single management console.   

What does UEM offer 

With UEM, IT administrators and security teams can view, manage and secure all endpoints connected to the corporate network from a single interface. UEM solutions support a diverse range of operating systems, including Apple iOS, MacOS, Google ChromeOS, Android, Linux and Microsoft Windows, as well as a multitude of devices, from laptops and desktops to printers and IoT devices, connected watches, virtual reality headsets and virtual assistants.   

Some tools can also support Blackberry OS and Windows Phone mobile operating systems. Administrators can perform or automate various pre-project, build and run management and security tasks.  

  • Audit, recommendations, project management  
  • Market study, state of the art  
  • Study of specific topics :  
  • Application security  
  • Integration of connectors (AD, internal resources, WIFI, PKI, API REST compatible solutions…)  
  • Implementation of a mass enrollment program (Apple Business Manager, Google Zero Touch, Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment)  
  • Support in implementing mobility strategy  
  • Proof Of Concept  
  • Implementation of enrolment programs  
  • End-to-end implementation of UEM solutions (including skills transfer and associated deliverables) 
  • Configuration according to specific business requirements:  
  • Ruggedized tablets 
  • Kiosk / Private store
  • Maintenance in operational condition  
  • Expertise and support  
  • Delegation of resources  
  • Supply of licenses 

What are the advantages of UEM solutions?

Thanks to its wide range of functions and intuitive interface, UEM offers a host of benefits for businesses, including : 

  • Reducing the complexity of endpoint management by centralizing it on a single platform  
  • Application of consistent security policies across all devices, to protect sensitive data from cyberthreats 
  • Reduce operational costs associated with device management, thanks to more efficient endpoint management processes  
  • Reduced risk of data breaches, thanks to the above-mentioned security policies  
  • Increased employee productivity, thanks to easy, secure access to necessary applications  
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance  
  • Reduced downtime, thanks to rapid detection and resolution of potential device problems 

Saaswedo has formed numerous partnerships to offer UEM solutions tailored to individual business needs.

Our partners include Microsoft Intune and VMware Workspace ONE.

To find out more about our UEM solutions, click here.


Definition of UEM   

UEM groups together several management functions for mainly mobile IT equipment, such as configuration management, software updates, endpoint security and performance monitoring.  


  • Ease of deployment tasks  
  • Operational support  
  • Secure endpoint operation  


  • Control over contracts  
  • Visibility of all costs    
  • Invoice verification   
  • Punctual and secure payments  

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