EPSA takes a stake in Saaswedo and TaaS to help companies meet the challenges of the digital workplace

EPSA takes a stake in Saaswedo and TaaS to help companies meet the challenges of the digital workplace

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Paris, September 27, 2021 – EPSA, a major player in operational optimization, announces the acquisition of a stake in Saaswedo, a pioneering IT and telecom asset management solutions provider, and in TaaS, a specialist in outsourcing and mobile telecom policy management. This structuring partnership allows EPSA group to accelerate the digitalization of its offers and services, one of the strategic axes of its development. The combination of Saaswedo and TaaS’ expertise with that of the group will enable EPSA to strengthen its support for companies to help them meet the challenges of mobility and, more generally, of the digital workplace.

EPSA: supporting companies to meet the new challenges of digital transformation
IT and telecom performance management has become a key area to ensure business continuity during a crisis. Already a major focus for companies before the lockdown, investment in IT assets continues to grow. The global Digital Workplace market is expected to grow from $22.7 billion in 2020 to $72.2 billion in 2026. On average, companies spend between 1% and 9% of their revenue on IT, and 5% on telecommunications.

To respond to the new uses linked to the evolution of the work environment, companies must review their organization and processes by relying on new generation devices to manage all the issues linked to mobility (subscriptions, tablets, SIM cards, smartphones, etc.) and those linked to IT assets (PCs, laptops, applications, licenses).

Through these investments in Saaswedo and Taas, EPSA intends to offer solutions that meet all these new challenges. EPSA is strengthening its ability to offer its customers a range of innovative solutions for the management of their “digital workplace”. These investments allow the group to take a major step towards the digitalization of all its services and solutions for sustainable performance optimization.

EPSA offers companies the possibility to better manage their expenses, and more globally their tools, in all areas (car fleet, purchases (direct and indirect), energy consumption, supply chain management…), but also to optimize resources. An approach that allows companies to achieve their economic objectives but also those related to sustainable development.

With these new expertise, EPSA enriches its service offer, while allowing its customers to implement a coherent CSR policy in the use of their IT and Telecom.

EPSA, Saaswedo and Taas: innovation for the sustainable and responsible digitalization of companies

Saaswedo’s “mytem360” platform, which is a SaaS** solution, enables the management of digital assets and associated costs. While in France, 3 out of 4 companies pay licenses for employees who have left the company, the mytem360 solution allows to rationally manage the entire life cycle of the digital workplace. By centralizing all the technical and financial data relating to IT assets, the mytem360 platform saves considerable time and efficiency. This applies to the employee’s entire mobile environment (smartphone, subscriptions, laptop, software, UCaaS, accessories, etc.) as well as the company’s cloud and WAN resources.

While 9 out of 10 employees expect their company to commit to CSR actions, Saaswedo also offers features to measure the carbon footprint of IT equipment to achieve the organization’s CSR objectives.

In addition, TaaS’ innovative company mobile desktop management and deployment solutions, which specialize in digital workplace asset management, offer a wide range of services including the integration, deployment and management of pre-configured smartphone and tablet fleets, as well as the provisioning of dedicated enterprise devices and accessories, and the centralized management and security of mobile device fleets. These solutions give companies the ability to optimize their mobility assets.

Emmanuel Laquière, Telecommunications Director, EPSA :
« This partnership allows us to advance our digitalization ambitions by offering companies a new tool capable of centralized management of IT performance and associated services. It also brings a CSR dimension by proposing a responsible management of equipment. Our support offer is now reinforced with the Saaswedo platform and the Taas operational mobility management solutions. Our medium-term goal is to work on the development of similar technologies for all our businesses, which is why we have chosen to invest in these companies ».

Christian Cor, CEO, Saaswedo : « The partnership with EPSA is of great interest to Saaswedo. On the one hand, it allows us to accelerate our development with a wider range of large accounts and SMEs. On the other hand, it gives a new dimension to our international development, already initiated in the United States. Finally, EPSA provides us with the means to develop our “mytem360” solution in the medium term, in complementary verticals such as car fleets or energy, for example ».

Gilles Mezari, CEO, TaaS : « Beyond EPSA group’s business potential, we are very motivated by the prospect of strong operational synergies. Digital workplace asset management is the key to the success of any company’s digitalization strategy. We all know that a project is only successful if the RUN is commensurate with the BUILD. And precisely, the RUN is TAAS’ business: the management of these assets and the application of the defined processes. I am certain that we will be successful ».

About Epsa :
Boasting uninterrupted growth since its establishment in 2001, EPSA is a precious collaborator for any organization that wants to increase its performance and profitability, especially thanks to the power of its cutting-edge technology and digital solutions. Today our services have expanded to include a complete coverage and analysis of all our clients’ activities. We offer bespoke solutions on every level, from purchasing optimization, organizational restructuring and new process rollout (Operations & Procurement), Tax and fiscal optimization (EPSA Tax), reduction of energy consumption through technology and innovation (EPSA Innovation & Energy); to the creation and setup of a personalized, user-friendly digital platform for non-essential purchases and simpler invoicing (Marketplace).


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