Saaswedo enriches its offer with an IT environmental performance management

Saaswedo enriches its offer with an IT environmental performance management

Saaswedo, a provider of IT and telecom management solutions, has added a CSR dimension to its Technology Expense Management platform mytem360. In concrete terms, Saaswedo, a signatory of the Planet Tech’Care Charter, wanted to make a commitment by providing its customers with tools that allow them to measure and improve the carbon footprint of their digital operations.

It is in this context that the mytem360 platform completes its initial offer of financial and operational IT performance management, by integrating new pragmatic indicators that allow CSR managers, fleet managers and management to visualize the carbon impact of IT equipment used by employees. This makes it possible for companies to develop their systems: choice and origin of equipment, optimal shelf life, management of the end of life of equipment, etc.

Christian Cor at Saaswedo “Equipment represents 81% of the carbon emissions of the digital sector in France. It is very complicated for companies to measure the carbon impact of their IT equipment. The main problem is the lack of structured data. We have all this data in mytem360 and allow companies that use it to understand on a daily basis the impact of each management decision on their CSR dynamics.”

All of this data is automatically accessible with a few clicks and presented in attractive, easy-to-interpret interfaces. Users of mytem360 therefore benefit from all the essential features needed to create a truly efficient and responsible digital workplace.

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