Centralization and optimization of mobile telephony management

Managing a telecom fleet consisting of 1800 lines and their equipment, with the implementation of a dedicated in-house resource and a backup. Deploying the mytem360 solution, a billing dashboard, and a fleet management module to simplify the management of the group's lines and devices.

This company is a major player in the luxury goods industry, recognized for its mastery in the creation and management of numerous prestigious brands. With an enviable position on the world market, it currently ranks third among the leading groups in the international luxury goods industry. In addition to its expertise in the design and marketing of top-of-the-range products, the company also owns a vast telecom park comprising 1,800 lines and associated equipment, spread over several sites across France. Efficient management of this telecom infrastructure is crucial to ensuring the fluid communication and connectivity essential to the smooth running of the company.

  • 3rd largest luxury group in the world
  • Its telecom fleet, consists of 1800 lines and their Equipment, spread over a dozen entities and fifty sites throughout France
  • Centralization of their mobile telephony.
  • Putting in place a dedicated in-house resource, to improve line management and user technical support as well as its backup.
  • The Deployement of mytem360 solution, billing dashboard, and fleet management module, to facilitate the management of the group’s lines and terminals.
  • Industrial tools have been implemented to track fleet management, allowing the Cartier Group teams to lighten their workload and focus on the most critical aspects of their business.

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