Mobile telephony optimization

To effectively manage their mobile fleet of 38,000 lines, we have established a dedicated team that handles all requests, from orders to operators, to financial optimization.

Our client is a major player in the public works sector, operating in a multitude of fields including construction, infrastructure, concessions and energy. With a remarkable presence in the industry, this company has established itself as an undisputed leader thanks to its expertise and ability to carry out large-scale projects.

  • French group in the construction, infrastructure, concessions, and Energy fields
  • Its mobile fleet currently consists of 38,000 mobile lines.

This group is looking for a comprehensive service that coordinates all stakeholders involved in its mobile telephony contract, taking into account the volume of activities, the number of entities involved, and the number of required managers.

  • A dedicated team has been set up to daily manage all requests : orders, operator management, financial optimization, coordination meetings, etc.
  • The implementation of this solution allows for time-saving, optimizing control and compliance with the mobile telecom framework agreement, and reducing costs.

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