Outsourcing of key actions for the implementation of the new mobile telephony offer

Managing procurement, platform configuration, and logistics to ensure a more efficient implementation, enabling our client to optimize their time and resources.

This group is a major player in the passenger and freight transport sectors, both by rail and road. It occupies a leading position as one of Europe’s leading transport and logistics groups. As part of its commitment to innovation and continuous service improvement, our customer took the strategic decision to replace its fleet of several thousand walkie-talkie devices, which were in use throughout France, with a more advanced communications solution.

  • The leading transportation and logistics companies in Europe
  • SFR-PMR communication solution on smartphones

Accompanying the implementation of this new offer requires actions such as equipment mastering, configuring the various platforms (CAT, DATI), and MDM enrollment.

However, the client does not have the necessary resources to carry out these actions.


A dedicated team is in charge of this new solution.

Saaswedo operates on the entire chain :

  • Supply management,
  • Terminal mastering,
  • Logistics and delivery,
  • After-sales service management,

MDM platform management, and CAT & DATI platform management.


The client has entrusted us with the entire management of this project to gain efficiency and optimize their time and resources.

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