Saaswedo launches its End User application

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Saaswedo launches its End User application

Saaswedo, a solution provider specializing in the telecom and IT governance market, continues to innovate with the launch of its End-User application.

The End-User solution informs and educates company employees about the costs and uses of fixed and mobile telecommunications and IT services. This solution allows users to access primary cost indicators broken down between subscriptions and consumption to optimize their own telecom management.

Specifically, the End-User application integrates :

  • A home page that shows users cost amounts and provides a comparison to the previous month’s costs.
  • A dynamic dashboard that allows users to analyze costs on a per segment basis (fixed and mobile telecommunications and IT services) and to access detailed information related to the different billing product groups.
  • A detailed file that centralizes all information on a per employee basis:
  • The organization and the site to which he is assigned,
  • The details of the equipment allocated to those employees,
  • The elements of an employee’s mobile line, provider, account and billing sub-account, SIM number and PUK code.

Christophe Fornès from Saaswedo ” This solution is dedicated to companies that want to make their employees aware of telecommunication costs. Involving and empowering employees in telecom management can significantly reduce invoice amounts. The End-User application is interfaced with Saaswedo’s mytem360 solution, which optimizes the management of fixed, mobile and IT services. In the coming months, it will be enhanced to include request management functions that will give more autonomy to users and lighten the workload of telecom managers”.

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