How data sharing creates value for software vendors


How data sharing creates value for software vendors

The search for value creation and the opening up of their solutions is a strategic issue for software publishers today. Indeed, in an increasingly connected world, Data is now central and its utilization allows companies to realize significant productivity gains. This data is all the more important for operations that impact the management processes of companies. This includes all the digital management tools such as ERP, TEM solutions, ITSM type applications, etc.

 Complementarity is key

One thing is certain: software publishers are no longer satisfied with simply offering their customers their functionalities. Today’s users are looking for ever more advanced functionalities and unified approaches that allow them to access various indicators and data sources beyond the typical management environment. It is precisely on this point that the interconnectivity, knows APIs, is positioned as the strategic priority.

Opting for a better user approach

APIs are therefore a way to rethink the user experience, which is an essential key to building customer loyalty. Indeed, allowing them to interface with their other management tools is a differentiating factor to position itself as a long-term partner.

Customers can then connect in real time to various types of complementary data. The user benefits are obvious, and the end customer will want to value the application for its usefulness and the productivity gains it offers, especially in terms of management.

A virtuous approach for publishers and customers

Given these elements, it is clear that interconnectivity and APIs are real allies for solution users. On the other hand, publishers will be able to considerably improve their competitiveness and distinguish themselves on the market by allowing their customers to access third-party data from other applications. Finally, transparency, customer satisfaction, new opportunities to incorporate the customer’s business specificities are all concrete benefits linked to the use of APIs.

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