Revamping WAN Infrastructure & Achieving Remarkable Savings​

Through meticulous RFP management and strategic network solutions, CBI facilitated a comprehensive overhaul of Nationwide Hardware Company’s Wide Area Network (WAN), navigating the complexities of vendor management and technological upgrades, ultimately delivering enhanced operational efficiency and yielding over 71% in annual savings.


Nationwide Hardware Company, a U.S.-based cooperative of retailers, includes more than 4,000 independent locations worldwide. With a focus on community-oriented retail stores for hardware and garden supplies, the cooperative extends its reach to numerous locations around the world, each of which is operated autonomously to meet local needs while meeting a universal standard for quality and service.


The company was burdened by an aging and financially burdensome wide area network (WAN). The existing system suffered from a lack of enterprise oversight, minimal vendor control, a lack of strategic visibility and decentralized billing due to expired contracts. In addition, a lack of redundancy, recurring outages and substandard support exposed the retailer to a host of risks and compliance issues.


Nationwide Hardware Company again contracted CBI to conduct a procurement event to upgrade their WAN. The goal was to reduce telecom network costs across all departments, refresh the data network, consolidate vendors, centralize telecom contracts, and integrate new technologies to improve efficiency and resiliency.CBI conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis of predetermined vendors, basing selection criteria on a mix of customer input and CBI’s quarter-century-old database. Our subject matter experts developed a plan that ensured redundancy and a solid foundation for upgrading the voice network, increasing overall efficiency and doubling bandwidth. Benchmarking also facilitated competitive contract analysis as CBI led the RFP process and contract negotiations.


CBI’s specialized RFP process, conducted by an experienced RFP specialist (SME), provided Nationwide Hardware Company with a thorough return on investment (ROI) analysis, metrics and scorecard for each proposed solution. This approach ensured the delivery of a customized vendor solution with timelines, dependencies and benefits, selecting an option that offered the lowest total cost of ownership for a fully managed WAN solution that included both network and device management. As a result, Nationwide Hardware Company experienced annual savings of more than 71% from the RFP.


CBI is proving to be a key partner in strategically navigating technology upgrades and vendor management. The robust WAN solution and significant fiscal savings achieved underscore CBI’s capabilities in managing comprehensive RFP processes, ensuring that clients like Nationwide Hardware Company not only meet, but exceed their operational and financial goals.


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